Spotafriend: Weight Loss For Teens – All The Wrong Weight Loss Beliefs

Spotafriend: Weight Loss For Teens – All The Wrong Weight Loss Beliefs

This Spotafriend Weight Loss For Teens article will without a doubt help out each adolescent out there who is attempting to lose weight. Read More to discover the details…

Teens today are no longer like those teens ten or twenty years ago. Teens of today are more body conscious and will follow any tips to lose those ugly excess pounds/kilograms. To help you out, I gathered some of the wrong beliefs every teen should avoid if they want to get their ideal weight safely.

Here are the wrong beliefs they told you and you should never believe!

1. Chocolates could be a meal replacement

This is never true! No matter how satisfying its taste, you should never have chocolates as a meal replacement. Chocolates may satisfy your cravings but not your hunger. You will still be hungry and look for more meals at the end of the day.

2. Skipping meals will help you lose weight faster

Skipping meals may help you lose weight faster but once you can no longer bear your unlimited hunger, you will for sure eat like a horse on your next meal time. Please, do not skip meals if you want to lose the excess weight you have this summer. Eat your meals on time or better yet divide your three large meals into six servings and consume each of this serving with a four hours interval.

3. Strong diet pills will give you fast results

Actually it may give you fast results but the side effects are the things you must face. Taking strong diet pills may give you symptoms such as palpitation and dizziness.

I want to lose weight this summer ! What should I do?

Losing those pounds should be fun and rewarding! It should be your summer challenge! Follow these 5 steps:

1-Set how much weight you want to lose this summer: Losing 1kg a week (about 5kg a month) is the healthy way to lose weight.

2- Drink water and stay hydrated: Drinking water not only will make you feel healthy and look better but it will help you feel less hungry.

3- Eat more vegetables and More fruites but less meat and bread: You should eat vegetables and fruites daily. An apple or 2 apples in the morning before breakfast will make feel full and not willing to eat more. If you hate eating vegetables and fruites, you can juice it for more fun.

4- Less sugar to no sugar: The less sugar you eat, the more you will lose weight.

5- Exercice and workout 30 minutes to 1 hour day: Exercise everyday and workout ! Even walking a long distance for 30 minutes to 1h will make a change !

Now what are you waiting for? Set the challenge right now ! Meet new teen friends near you using Spotafriend App or invite your friends to use the app. Discuss with them and convince them to collaborate and start the weight loss challenge together.

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