SpotaFriend: Turn Your Holidays into a Wild Activity Week

SpotaFriend: Turn Your Holidays into a Wild Activity Week

For a teen, the holiday season is a well-deserved and much-needed break from the school year, but with so many options in the way of activities to do with your friends, how can choose how to have fun? Here are some suggestions for teenagers to a wild week over holiday vacation:

Go Ice-Skating, Skiing or Sledding

Ice-skating, sledding and all the associated activities— you know the ones: hot chocolate, warm fires and good friends —are everyone’s favorite part of winter. Why not gather all your friends and have a fun, tiring day at the ice rink or at the ski slopes.

Have a Party

What better time is there for a party than when all of your friends are around with nothing to do? Get on Spotafriend and either rally your friends or make new ones and get together for some cold weather fun.

Host a (Holiday) Movie Marathon

As a teen, you probably have no way of making significant money, and even if you do, it’s not likely that all your friends do, so why leave anyone out? A perfectly fun, festive and free activity to do with your friends during the holiday season is a movie marathon, with holiday movies or just your all-time favorites.

Build a Gingerbread Palace

Think no one builds gingerbread houses anymore? Why don’t you change that! Ginger bread is cheap to make and easy to build with and embellish with your favorite icing and candies. Invite your friends over and get baking!

Make New Friends!

You aren’t limited to hanging out, having fun and doing all the most wild and wacky winter activities with the friends you already have.

On Spotafriend, the new app for teens and teens only (the age verification technology keeps your parents out) you have the ability to swipe left and right on potential new friends in your area, talk about all the hot topics in your life, and meet new people! Get out there, get active, and start swiping!

It’s the best time of the year, we wish a happy holiday!

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