Spotafriend: The Naked Truth About Sending Nudes

Spotafriend: The Naked Truth About Sending Nudes

Spotafriend will help find the Naked Truth About Sending Nudes: Maybe your boyfriend asked you to send him a nude photo, or maybe you’re proud of your body and just want to snap a picture. Before you make a huge mistake that you might regret later in life, put down the camera and really think it through.

What’s On The Internet Stays On The Internet And It Is Never Deleted

You’ve probably heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The same is true for the Internet, but not in a good way. Everything you will ever put out on the Internet will be there forever. You can delete things, but they’ll always be there in data packets just waiting to be uncovered.

Whatever Can Be Shared, Will Be Shared

Anything you send through your phone or over the Internet is incredibly easy to screenshot and ultimately share. You might think you’re just sending the photo to your boyfriend, but he could share it with ten other people. Then, those ten people could share it with ten more people. Before you know it, everybody in your school will have either seen it or has a copy.

Apps Don’t Provide Much Protection

If you’ve been thinking about sending nudes, you might have thought of using an app to protect your privacy. The problem is those apps won’t protect you the way you think they will. In fact, no app is completely safe when it comes to sending nudes.


You might have considered using SnapChat to send your nude photos, thinking that they’ll be deleted a few seconds after your boyfriend sees them. That’s how SnapChat works – messages self destruct after a few seconds. But, if he’s using an app like Vault or NapSave, he’ll be able to take screenshots before they disappear, and can then share them with anyone he wants, all without you knowing.

Cover Me

If you use CoverMe thinking its got you covered, think again. Although they encrypt and destroy messages a few seconds after the recipient receives them, it’s still possible to screenshot and share images.

People Who Care About You Will Never Ask For A Nude

Being a teenager is hard, and making decisions that can affect the rest of your life is even harder. When someone asks you for a nude photo, you need to consider what are the motives behind their request.

Strangers on the Internet

Whatever your reason for taking nudes: if you’re going to take them, make sure you absolutely trust the person you’re sending them to. If some stranger on the Internet asks you for a photo, close the chat window and block the user. Even if they have a cute profile picture, don’t trust them. They could be anybody. The only thing you can know for certain is that they don’t care about you – they only want to exploit you.

Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend asks for a nude photo, you might think that it’s okay because you trust him and you know he loves you. You might even think that the two of you will be together forever. Here’s the problem with that argument. You might think you’ll be together forever but forever might only last one or two years. It’s highly unlikely that someone you meet when you’re sixteen will be the person you marry and spend your life with. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true.

What Harm Could There Be In One Nude Photo?

When you’re making the decision about whether to send nudes, think long and hard about the potential risks. You could potentially ruin your whole life with the click of your camera.

You Could Face Potential Jail Time

For starters, you could go to jail. If you’re a teenager and you send a nude photo to someone, you’re guilty of trafficking child pornography. Not only that, but the person receiving them becomes also guilty of possessing child pornography.

If you love your boyfriend that much, I’m sure you don’t want him to get charged with a crime like that. In turn, if he really loved you, he wouldn’t ask you to do something that could potentially get you arrested.

You Could Have Difficulty Finding Jobs or Housing In The Future

Employers and Landlords often check sites like Google and Facebook before they give someone a job or an apartment. Do you really want them to see that much of you? Think twice before clicking send because the private photos you take today could become very public tomorrow.

They Could Get Leaked or Shared

What will you do if your photos get shared or leaked? It’s happened to a lot of people, including actress Jennifer Lawrence. You have no way of knowing that your photos won’t get shared around until they ultimately wind up on a porn website. Don’t let that happen to you.

They Could Affect Your Future Relationships

Your photos might not show up today or tomorrow, but they will somewhere down the road either through a hacker, revenge porn, or a careless boyfriend who happened to share them with a few friends. You don’t want to be thirty with a husband and two young children when the photos you sent to a boy when you were fifteen wind up posted everywhere.

Remember You’re Always Identifiable

The real truth is that no matter how hard you try to protect your privacy, you’re always identifiable. Anything you send from your phone is tied to your phone number, and anything you send from Facebook or any other online platform can be traced. Even if you’ve taken great care to blur out any tattoos or birthmarks, the pictures can still eventually be traced back to you.

The Bottom Line About Sending Nudes

The bottom line is that sending nudes is risky and could ruin your entire life. When you’re sixteen, you don’t want to have to worry about what’s going to happen when you’re forty. Do yourself a favor, and save the nudity for intimate moments, not for photographs. Your future self will thank you, one hundred times over.

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