The Hard Truth About Pregnancy As a Teenager

The Hard Truth About Pregnancy As a Teenager

Spotafriend will help you know The Hard Truth About Pregnancy As a Teenager. the question Being a teenager is hard enough, but being a pregnant teenager is even harder. From the time you have your first positive pregnancy test, your entire world will change. Some of those changes are good ones, but others are far less pleasant. If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, these hard truths could change your mind.

People Will Judge You

Whether you like it or not, people are always going to judge you in life. Even more so when you’re a pregnant teenager. People who you thought were your friends will suddenly start giving you serious side-eye while they whisper back and forth with their friends. Don’t let the name calling and the judgments get you down.

People Will Think You Did It On Purpose

Sometimes getting pregnant isn’t intentional. You can take every precaution in the world, but no method of contraception is 100% percent effective. Still, people will assume that you got pregnant on purpose for any number of reasons, including:

  • Tying yourself to your boyfriend forever.
  • You were drunk or using drugs and weren’t thinking clearly.
  • You have low self-esteem and wanted to have a child so your boyfriend loves you

It Affects Your Boyfriend and His Family Too

Although being pregnant is probably overwhelming for you, it also has an effect on your boyfriend and his family. While pregnant girls tend to drop out of school during pregnancy, boys often have to drop out to get jobs so they can pay child support. And no matter what, his parents will always be known as the parents of the boy who got a teenage girl pregnant.

You’ll Lose a Few Friends

Even if they promise to stand by you, some of your friends will quickly fall to the wayside. You won’t be able to party anymore, so you’ll slowly drop out of the loop. Once the baby comes, you’ll be so busy worrying about childcare and baby things, that your friends won’t have anything in common with you anymore.

You and Your Baby Are at Risk

Whether you’re happy or horrified to find out that you’re pregnant, you’ll face more risks as a teenager than adult women face. You’re more likely to have a pre-term birth, which creates a higher risk of your baby having a low birth weight. You’re also more likely to require a c-section because your hips and pelvis haven’t fully developed yet.

Your Life Will Change

Whether you realize it or not, pregnancy and having a baby will change your life. You might have to drop out of school. If you’re lucky enough to be able to continue your education, you won’t be able to hang out with your friends after school. You’ll have a little bundle of joy sitting at home that needs your attention.

The College Question

Having a baby definitely makes attending college more difficult. First, you have to deal with the financing, and then the childcare aspect of it all. Before you know it, what was once your dream becomes an overwhelming obstacle. If there’s any way that you can make college work, do it. Teen mothers who don’t go to college go on to work menial jobs for the rest of their lives.

Hundreds of thousands of teenage girls become pregnant every year, and most of those children are raised in poverty. Fortunately, being 16 and Pregnant show the real hardships faced by teen parents and spark conversations about pregnancy between teenagers and their parents. If you’re pregnant, tell your parents and see your doctor right away so you and your baby can get off to the right start.

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