Spotafriend: Making Money Online For Teens – How to do it ?

Spotafriend: Making Money Online For Teens – How to do it ?

Making Money Online For Teens is now possible! Nowadays, It is a tough economy! Jobs ordinarily available for teens are now being hard to get while teens go unemployed. The solution, however, is simple.

Teens are very knowledgeable and comfortable working online. So why not create a program to make money online for teens? You can do it.

The best way to make money is to focus on your skills. Let me take a look at some typical teen qualities: 

Teen qualities:

  • Teens love the internet.
  • Teens know how to use technology.
  • Teens enjoy communicating online.
  • Teens do not particularly like getting up early.
  • Teens do not necessarily like to take many orders from boss.

Some people might look at that list and think that teens are not real good employees and to some degree they are right. So why not let the teens: 

The teens need to:

  • Work for themselves
  • Work on their own schedule – whenever they want to
  • Work wherever they feel like it via laptop, smartphone and WiFi
  • Express themselves in writings and on video.
  • BONUS! – They could have their work continue paying them even after they have stopped.

Isn’t it obvious by now? A program that can make money online for teens is perfect for you, being teenager or anyone who fits the description above. It fits like a glove.

What we are talking about here is Blogging ( writting articles in a blogger website) and a Youtube channel (creating videos related to a type of content or your showing your lifestyle).

Blogging and videos making can actually take several forms. Essentially you will be communicating and expressing yourself. If you feel more comfortable in front of a webcam, you are destined to be a YouTuber.

Any teen who can talk to his friends and express himself easily can make money online with articles or video making. The key, though, is to set a goal to reach.

How about 60 days of working online?

You have to start using the tools you have. Your smartphone would be enough for the task. Just record yourself and discuss a subject. The best part about it is that profit can flow from that day project for a long time to come.

That is what we mean by automatic, recurring income stream. Do the work once now and get paid again and again over time.

Use Spotafriend app and find new teen friends near you. Set a goal together to create a youtube channel and blog and start discussing everyday subject.

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