Spotafriend: It Was Just a Summer Love – What’s Next?

Spotafriend: It Was Just a Summer Love – What’s Next?

Find you new friend and your new match in Spotafriend! So you had a summer fling, or your crush finally noticed you, or anything that happens seemingly only in teen movies happened to you this summer. You’re probably over the moon, but the summer is ending soon: what comes next?

Here is your guide to what comes after summer love, and how to stay cool in the aftermath:


Face It, It Was Just a Fling


The Situation: Sadly, no matter how strong your feelings, your summer love may just not want the same thing as you after the summer. You and I both know it: teens are fickle creatures, and there’s just no predicting how you’re gonna feel one day to the next.

How to Handle It: The important thing is to not have extreme expectations for the future. Enjoy your summer love while it lasts but don’t simply expect it to last forever.


Autumn Love


The Situation: Sometimes it ends badly, but sometimes summer love blossoms into a great relationship. Maybe it’s your first love, maybe it’s not but either way, you’re in business.

How to Handle It: If it’s your first time being in a relationship with someone, you’re gonna need to learn the ground rules: Be considerate. Don’t cheat. Etc.

We’re Just Not on the Same Page

The Situation: Sometimes, after the summer, it’s you, and not them that decides you’re not feeling it anymore. We get it. Summer loves are sometimes just a temporary flame that flickers and burns out when the summer ends.

How to Handle it: Teens often take things pretty hard, especially breakups. Make sure that even if you don’t feel anything for them anymore, you let them down easy. Put yourself in their situation: how would you want to be told that another person isn’t interested in continuing a summer fling that felt so good at its peak?

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