Spotafriend: 8 Secrets Girls Don’t Want You to Know

Spotafriend: 8 Secrets Girls Don’t Want You to Know

Discover with Spotafriend the 8 Secrets Girls Don’t Want You to Know. Let’s face it guys, girls are really tricky. Just when you think you know everything about them, they’ll turn the tables and you’ll realize you don’t know anything about them at all. If you really want to know what’s going on in the female mind, keep reading to find out eight secrets that girls don’t want you to know.

Girls Spy On Guys They Like

If a girl really likes you, she’ll stalk your social media. Don’t worry, she’s not up to trouble. She just wants to know everything about you. She wants to know who your ex-girlfriends are and what you and your buddies did last weekend. It’s all part of getting to know you before she really gets to know you.

Girls Don’t Keep Secrets From Their Best Friends

Girls tell their best friends everything. They can’t help it. It helps them sort out their feelings and thoughts. So, don’t think for one minute that her friends don’t know every single detail about you and your relationship. If you have any secrets that you don’t want all of her friends to know, keep it to yourself.

Girls Always Know When You’re Cheating

You might think you’ve pulled out all the stops, but you haven’t. Whether it’s a gut feeling or women’s intuition, girls always know the truth. By the time you think they might be on to you, they’re already figuring out how to catch you in the act. Don’t think you can get away with it because you can’t.

Girls Use Crying As a Weapon

This might not be true for all girls, but it is more often than not. They know how uncomfortable it makes you feel when they cry and they secretly love it. They’ve learned that playing that card can make you do anything they want. So, whenever they don’t get their own way, expect some tears to fall.

Girls Secretly Fart… A Lot

Girls definitely don’t want you to know this, but they sometimes make smells that are quite unpleasant. They’ll try not to do it in front of you, but as soon as they’re alone they’ll let one rip. However, they don’t like it when you fart even if you think it’s cool. They’ll wrinkle their noses up as if they’ve never smelled anything so vile before in their lives.

Girls Pretend to Need Your Help

Girls will drop their books or get you to carry their bag. They don’t really need help. They just want to see how much control they have over you. If you’re willing to do anything for them, they know they’ve got you where they want you. It’s not all about control, though. They also know that you need to feel needed, so it’s a win-win situation.

Girls Love It When You’re Jealous

They might pretend they’re disgusted, but girls secretly love it when you’re jealous. They’ll even pretend to flirt with someone else to spark your jealousy. Don’t get too upset. They just want to feel wanted and needed. But, don’t take it too far. They don’t want you to fight over them. They just want to see how much you care.

Girls Overanalyze Every Detail

Whether you’re talking in person or chatting on the phone, girls tend to overanalyze everything. They’ll spend hours thinking about everything you said and did while they try to figure out if there’s a deeper meaning behind it all. Even when there’s no deeper meaning, they’ll keep searching until they think they’ve found one.

There are a lot of secrets that girls don’t want boys to know. However, knowing what makes them tick can make you a better boyfriend. Now that you know how their minds work, you can use these secrets to your advantage and come out on top every time.

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