Spotafriend: 7 Life Saving Tips For Long Distance Relationship

Spotafriend: 7 Life Saving Tips For Long Distance Relationship

Find out with Spotafriend the 7 Life Saving Tips For Long Distance Relationship: Maybe you met someone at summer camp who lives 2,000 miles away, or maybe your significant other just made a cross-country trek to attend a school in another state.

You want to keep your relationship together, but everyone around you is telling you that it’s going to fall apart fast. When you find yourself in a long distance relationship, these life-saving tips can help you bypass the distance.

Set the Ground Rules

The first step to making a long distance relationship work is setting a few ground rules. You need to discuss how deep your relationship is and whether or not you’re allowed to date other people. If you don’t take care of this in advance, you’re setting yourself up for a mountain of heartbreak later.

Don’t Be Clingy

Long distance relationships are hard enough, but when one partner is clingy or needy, it makes them even tougher still. It’s okay to send a text or even call a couple of times a day, but excessive texting and calling can really turn your partner off. People need room to go about their daily activities without feeling like their boyfriend or girlfriend is keeping tabs on their every move.

Spend Time Together

Geography might separate you, but you can still spend time together. Playing online games together, or even watching a favorite television show that you both enjoy can shorten the distance, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. Don’t lose sight of the things you have in common, just because you’re not physically sitting beside each other.

Go the Distance

The divide between you will grow faster if you don’t attempt to see each other from time to time. Depending on how far apart you live, you can make holiday plans, or maybe even weekend plans. Take turns traveling back and forth, so that neither of you feels like all of the burden is on them. The more time you spend together, the longer your relationship will last, so try not to go more than thirty days without seeing each other in person. Your time together will feel special and you won’t have to worry about the distance tearing you apart.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Long distance relationships are hard on everyone. Don’t spend time alone, stressing in your room. Go to the mall with your friends, or take in a movie. If you spend every minute of every day pining for each other, eventually you’ll grow to resent one another. Remember that spending time apart is equally as important as spending time together, if you want to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship so don’t be afraid to make plans with your friends. Keeping your mind off the fact that you can’t see each other often will make the separation easier.

It’s All About Honesty

Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend exactly how you feel. If you’re in a tailspin with fear and worry, it’s important to let them know. If they don’t understand what you’re going through, they can’t say anything that will make you feel better. Communication is the key to any long distance relationship, so you need to address your fears and doubts as they arise if you really want it to work out.

Pick Your Battles

Every moment counts when it comes to keeping a long distance relationship together, and there’s no time for bickering about the small stuff. If every single conversation turns into an argument, the distance between the two of you will widen in no time. It’s okay to speak up if something’s bothering you, but don’t let those things become the sole focus of every conversation you have.

Long distance relationships are a challenge for adults, and they’re even tougher when you’re still in your teens. If you want to make it work for the long haul, you’ve got to do small things to make the distance seem shorter. Taking a few steps today can keep your long distance relationship alive regardless of how many miles there are between you.

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