Spotafriend: 6 Really Obvious Texting Signs That A Girl is Into You

Spotafriend: 6 Really Obvious Texting Signs That A Girl is Into You

Find your new match in Spotafriend! In the modern world of constant texting, teen girls are more difficult to understand than ever before. In a conversation that takes place through text messages, it’s difficult to interpret what different signs truly mean.

With that in mind, here are six can’t-miss obvious signs that a girl likes you:

1. She Texts Back Right Away

Most teens know that its a sign of power in a friendship or a relationship to make your texting partner wait for a response. If she texts you back right away, she’s probably interested.

2. She Teases You

Remember in grade school when you’d pinch a girl to get her attention? Teasing is her “adult” way to accomplish the same goal.

3. Lots and Lots of Emojis

Some people can’t stop themselves from adding smileys and cute animals to their texts, but it’s more likely that if you see loads of emojis, there’s a connection growing.

4. She’ll Notice Your Tone and Your Responsiveness

If you get a little busy and stop texting back, she’ll ask if you’re okay. This means she is paying attention to the way you might be feeling and cares about you.

5. She Flirts or Asks About Your Love Life

If it seems like she’s getting flirty and/or jealous, she probably likes you. Remember, a girl won’t act jealous unless she thinks of you as her property.

6. She Sends You Life Updates

When a girl is into you, it’s easy to tell from how often she’s texting you, and the content of her texts. If she likes you, you’ll know by the mundane details of her life that she just can’t help but share with the object of her affection: You

Bonus: She Asks You Out

We can’t even call this an obvious sign of something, because it’s a flat out admission that a girl likes you. If she asks you out, she’s pretty confident you like her back.

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