Spotafriend: 6 Apps Every Cool Teen Should be Using

Spotafriend: 6 Apps Every Cool Teen Should be Using

These are the apps that you see over and over on your friends’ phones – the ones every one just has to have, and with good reason. Here are the 6 apps cool teens just can’t live without.


What’s better than the ability to send and receive selfies and funny video footage of you and your friends without it taking up any space on your phone, which, let’s be honest, is probably already running out of storage?

Nothing. Snapchat’s constantly updating filters are gold for teens that want to keep it casual and fun with their friends.


Instagram is quickly rising up the ranks of the best apps for teens, allowing you to customize your feed and explore the world’s of celebrities, jokes and your friends’ personal photo libraries.


Tiktok shows that even if you can’t sing, making music videos can still be fun. It allows teens to make music videos of themselves lip-syncing over their favorite songs, and gives friends a reason to come together.

Color Therapy

Coloring books are all the rage these days, whether to relieve stress or simply for something to do with friends, but who has the money to buy new coloring books every few months? Color therapy is like a coloring book library, except on your phone. You know, that thing that your parents didn’t like you doing all day.

After School

Ever wished you could connect with other teens in your area while remaining relatively anonymous? Now you can! Teens across the country are learning that having positive, judgement-free interactions online and off is as easy as pressing a button.


You want to meet new friends, spark new relationships and just have fun, right? You don’t want your parents spying on everything you do online either? Spotafriend allows teens and only teens to build profiles and interact with other local teens to form new friendships in a safe and exciting environment!

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