Spotafriend: 5 Crazy Things You Should Never Judge Your Best Friend For

Spotafriend: 5 Crazy Things You Should Never Judge Your Best Friend For

It’s great that your Spotafriend best friend keeps you up-to-date on anything and everything that goes on in their life, but sometimes this can be a bad thing. When you know everything about a person, you can start to judge their decisions and behavior, creating a potential rift in your friendship. While sometimes this judgment is justified, most things aren’t worth ending a friendship over, whether you’re a teen or an adult.

1. Who They Choose to Love

Love is such a complicated concept that if your best friend has found it, you should be unconditionally happy for them, even if you don’t like the person or you think they can do better.

2. Their Choices in Life

Whether you’re talking about the decisions you make late at night or something else entirely, to a degree, your friendship should be a judgement-free zone. Maybe you don’t agree with how much your best friend parties, or who spend their time with, but when you’re together you need to be supportive.

3. Their College and Career Direction

Just because you did everything together in your teen years doesn’t mean you have to stick together at the same college or in the same field when you get out. It’s okay to stay best friends but have different interests.

4. How They Manage Their Money

Maybe you don’t think their spending habits are smart, but no one deserves to be told how to spend their money (unless, of course, you’re a financial analyst.)

5. If They Get Too Busy

This one is tricky because you won’t always see your best friend as much as you did when you were teens. Jobs, relationships, and other obligations can get in the way, but hear this: if you remain a constant source of support for your best friend through whatever comes to pass, your friendship will never die, even if you don’t see them as much when you both get busy.

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