Spotafriend: 4 Secrets She’s Keeping Away From You

Spotafriend: 4 Secrets She’s Keeping Away From You

Every relationship in Spotafriend seems great at a glance, but what most of them have is one negative aspect that tends to tear them apart: secrets. From the smallest white lies to the biggest bombshells, your girl is probably electing not to tell you certain things. Here are 4 of the most common (especially among teens) and whether you should break up because of them.


How Many Guys She’s Really Been With

It’s natural to lie about the number of partners or previous relationships you’ve had (high or low), but when is it time to be concerned? When she tells you you’re her first and you find out that you’re actually her 20th, it might be a deal-breaker.


She Secretly Doesn’t Like Your Friends

This isn’t always the case, but can be pretty common. Your best friend and your girl are different people and they’re just not always going to like each other. Brush it off and make time with both of them separately.


She Contacts Her Ex Without Telling You

This one depends on the circumstances. If she’s still close friends with her ex, it could be fine, but if she gets emotional and contacts them out of the blue, it might be a red flag that she might have some leftover feelings for them.


She Isn’t Satisfied With You

This is the big one: the bombshell that everyone — teens and adults alike — dreads. Maybe it’s your job or your looks or something else about you, when she keeps her innermost feelings a secret, everyone loses.

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