When you’re a newcomer to the game of love and relationships, you may not know too much about what to expect, which is why you have no idea how to make a long distance relationship work. But can they work? Does absence make the heart grow stronger or does an untended flame just fizzle out? Here are the arguments for both sides.


Is it Possible to Stay Together Despite Distance?


A long distance couple needs to have an excess of patience and understanding to make it work in a long distance relationship, especially if that relationship spans over different time zones. If two people aren’t on a similar schedule, it can be very difficult to find time to spend “together”. It also just takes a certain kind of person to be able to do long distance for prolonged period of time. You can’t be jealous, and you have to be able to make yourself happy independently.



There are those that say, however, that no love can withstand distance, that maybe a couple can stay together for a short absence but a long-term, long-distance relationship can never work, and they have a point. The longer distance lasts, the higher the chances that one or both sides of a couple will find someone else, or grow tired of trying to make such a difficult romantic arrangement work any longer.

What’s The Verdict?

Despite the doubters, people have made long distance relationships work for years at a time, so it’s obvious that a long distance couple can make it work. If you’re facing the prospect of a long distance love, don’t go thinking it can’t work. Just understand that it’s difficult when people go to different colleges or live in different cities, or even countries, so if your relationship isn’t strong to begin with, you might have trouble adding distance to the equation.

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