Are You More Attractive on Spotafriend than Your Friends?

Are You More Attractive on Spotafriend than Your Friends?

Aren’t you at least a little bit curious to find out how you stack up against your friends on a social network? What most Spotafriend users don’t know is that there’s a set of hard and fast rules for making your profile popular and we’re going to share the secrets with you!

How to Customize Your Spotafriend Profile

There are several tried and true strategies to make your profile show the real you and maximize your attractiveness to potential new friends:

  • Have multiple photos in different styles.

 You want to show potential BFFs all sides of your personality. Do this by posting one group photo, one selfie, one picture with a filter from Snapchat or another, similar app, OR go all out and dazzle your peers with a video profile. On Spotafriend, the world (and your profile design) is your oyster.

  • Include a funny, or at least personal description.

New friends want to know what makes you you. Let them find out within seconds of viewing your profile by adding a description; if you make them laugh in the process, hey, that’s just icing on the cake.

  • Have badge on your profile.

On Spotafriend, badges are earned in various ways, and it’s all pretty simple. Like new members and popular members earn badges just by using the app and being successful at it, so get out there and get swiping!

Most Importantly: Smile and Have Fun

Spotafriend’s main purpose is to give teens a safe place to enjoy themselves and meet new friends in their areas. Have some fun with it! If you’re laid back and outgoing on Spotafriend, people will gravitate towards you in real life and on the app!

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