6 Signs Your Best Friend Should Ditch Their Love Relationship

6 Signs Your Best Friend Should Ditch Their Love Relationship

Everyone wants to get new friend in Spotafriend, be a supportive friend and help their friend find love, but there are those times when a couple just isn’t working and everyone knows it but the people in the relationship.

Even when it makes you seem like you’re not being a good friend, sometimes prompting a breakup can be the most supportive thing you can do for your BFF. Here are six signs that you should give your friend the nudge to end it with their significant other (SO).

 1. They Have Toxic Interactions in Public

When couples argue with each other in public, it’s uncomfortable for everyone. If your BFF is arguing with their SO every time they’re around other people, it may be time to call it quits.

2. They Complain About the Other in Private

If your friend is bashing their SO to you in behind their back, they clearly don’t respect them and should probably just spark the breakup to save everyone some stress and pain.

3. They Don’t Seem Happy Together

The simplest way to judge whether or not your bestie is in a healthy relationship is to give it the eye test. If a couple doesn’t look happy, it’s generally because they aren’t happy.

4. An Aspect of a Healthy Couple is Majorly Lacking

It’s okay if it’s not true love, but it can be hard to see that from the inside of a failing relationship. If their bond is one-dimensional, maybe you need to be that voice of reason in your friend’s ear.

5. They Keep Breaking Up and Getting Back Together

It’s pretty rare for that couple that breaks up and gets back together once a month to actually end up making it work. Mention that to your BFF next time they and their SO are on the outs.

6. They Constantly Talk About Other People

If your friend is constantly window shopping, maybe it’s time to cut the cord and get back into the dating pool. You owe it to them to offer your advice.

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