As teens, many of us get what is known as “the talk” from our parents: a conversation about sex that promises a heavy dose of awkwardness and eye-opening discoveries about the subject. Despite this somewhat forced discussion about sexuality, however, many teenagers still pass around the same misinformation about sex. Here are 4 major myths some teens believe about sex:


1. They’ll Love You If You Do It

As a teenager, the topic of sexuality goes hand in hand with pressure. Whether it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe the pressure to seem “cool”, it’s not uncommon to consider having sex before you’re ready. Despite what they might say, though, love and sex have a complex relationship and just because you have sex with a person doesn’t mean that they’ll magically fall for you.


2. You Can’t Get Pregnant In a Hot Tub

The truth is that you can get pregnant almost anywhere, so it’s always good to stay safe literally every time you become sexually active. One slip-up can be a life-changing mistake.


3. You Can Get STDs From A Toilet Seat

The first person to say this was probably a person trying to avoid admitting that they passed alone a sexually transmitted disease to their partner. Barring a miracle, though, STDs are passed through sex and sexual touching, not by making contact with a toilet seat.


4. Girls Never Want to Have Sex

This is a myth that began when female sexual pleasure wasn’t even something that people considered. Now, however, a movement of women actually being able to enjoy sex is in full swing and girls, especially teenagers with their raging hormones, often have sexual feelings and urges.


At the end, the important thing to remind you is to never stop questioning and not to take everything literally. You can always count and discuss with your friends, your family and professional workers to ask any kind of myths you might heard.




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