Everyone has a bucket list — a list of things they want to get accomplished before a deadline, but how many of those activities would just better with your best friend in tow? We think almost anything with your BFF is way more fun than alone. Here is a list of very achievable goals that you and your bestie can and should handle before the summer ends:

15 Great Summer Bucket List Suggestions

1. Read the same book and talk about it

2. Try a new hobby together

3. Cook a summer meal together and enjoy it, just the two of you

4. Make a joint bucket list (for life, not just the summer)

5. Try a new activity, game or sport and get crazy good at it

6. Learn a new skill together — it’s easier to learn with someone else than alone

7. Plan a charity fundraiser

8. Go swimming in an actual, natural body of water — you’ll thank yourself

9. Watch every movie that came out this summer

10. Camp out in nature somewhere

11. Design an outfit just from clothes you found at the thrift store

12. Both of you pick something that’s out of your comfort zone, and each of you help the other to follow through with it

13. Do something nice for someone less fortunate

14. Plan a legendary party

15. Make some awesome new friends, update your Spotafriend profile.

Don’t limit your summer bucket list to these activities — the possibilities are practically endless! When it’s all said and done, summer is about spending time outside, having fun with friends setting goals, and trying new activities. If you don’t do these things, or do them alone, we guarantee you’ll regret it.

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